Jonny and I went to dinner with one of my colleagues last weekend. I am really struggling with my job right now, and that dinner conversation did not help. Luckily we were able to talk about things other than work, but in the car ride home, we returned to the subject. After a few frustrating attempts to explain myself, I finally landed on why the past few months have been so hard for me: I am not sure if teaching is my dream anymore.

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Trying Again

For the past few months I have made lists of hobbies I’d like to pick up. I even made a Twitter poll narrowing down my top three choices: quilting, joining a choir, and creating a new blog. Creating a new blog won by a landslide, though only 22 people voted, so it was maybe it was more like a landtumble? Either way, I decided to join a choir. Writing, even something as trivial as a blog, seemed like an overwhelming task. Continue reading “Trying Again”