Fresh Start

For the past few months I have made lists of hobbies I’d like to pick up. I even made a Twitter poll narrowing down my top three choices: quilting, joining a choir, and creating a new blog. Creating a new blog won by a landslide, though only 22 people voted, so it was maybe it was more like a landtumble? Either way, I decided to join a choir. Writing, even something as trivial as a blog, seemed like an overwhelming task.

I have had a some sort of online diary since I was 11 or 12 years old — I know I was younger than 13 at least because I had to put in my older brother’s birth year (1986) instead of my own (1988). Writing for other people (strangers on the internet; my spying mother; my expertly lurking best friend) has always made much more sense to me than keeping a personal diary. Even when I have kept a diary, always in fits and spurts, I write as if my entire legacy will be cemented when this diary is found, 50 years later, and published for the world to see. I officially quit blogging in 2011 after I graduated college and started teaching, but I kept up with a Tumblr that included personal posts from time to time. Eventually, Tumblr got too overwhelming for me to keep up with, all the endless scrolling, so I abandoned it. Lately, the urge to write and share has been overwhelming. I thought long and hard about joining the TinyLetter movement, but I do not like being unable to control what I’ve written after I press send as I am also the world’s worst editor, having already edited this post after publishing at least four times.

I read few personal blogs anymore — most of the ones I read now are either cooking blogs or lifestyle blogs with three or four staffers. The thing that I’ve always found most befuddling about blogging is the need to restrict oneself to one particular genre of content. I want to write about my new life here in Portland, my job, what I’m cooking and eating, where I’m traveling, what I’m wearing, POLITICS (oh god!), everything! I am writing this for people to read, but mostly I am writing for myself. I hope to keep up with this at least once a week, but we’ll see.

For now, here I am, trying this blogging thing once again.


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