our wedding: location + venue


We got married at Jonny’s brother’s bar, Gramps, in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida.┬áJonny brought me to Miami to meet his family about a month after we started dating, and even on that trip, it crossed my mind as a potential wedding venue. Adam was incredibly generous to close the place off during the busiest time of year (you know who spends New Years in Miami? Drake. Justin Bieber. Pitbull. And now us, ha!) for an entire day + evening just for our celebration. It was not a destination wedding exactly because much of Jonny’s extended family lives in the area and I have family on my mom’s side in central Florida, but for many of our friends, it was a great excuse to get away from the gray/rainy/snowy/freezing winter.



Part of what makes Gramps so special is that it’s an homage to Jonny’s maternal grandfather, Irving Miller, the patriarch of Jonny’s family. He’s pictured here on one of the patio walls, along with Adam’s daughter/our niece Gigi. Gramps (the bar) was designed to complement the amazing Wynwood Arts district, which meant we had to do very little in the way of decorating the space. I was a little nervous about my grandparents and older relatives being comfortable (well, truly I was just afraid of my grandmothers reading the bathroom graffiti), but we got rave reviews all around. It probably didn’t hurt that there was a seemingly endless flow of bubbly + booze for all…!


our wedding: getting ready + first look

Jonny and I have been married for just over six months! I finally started the daunting task of selecting photos for our wedding album, so I thought I would post some of my favorites here. There are too many to post all in one entry, so I’ll spread this out over the next few days, which will hopefully give me some time to put together an actual reflection on the day and advice for anyone who may be getting married in the future! My nearly lifelong (shout out to the Xanga days!) internet/IRL friend, Aubrey, took our pictures and I am thrilled with how they turned out. Continue reading “our wedding: getting ready + first look”

My Portland Food Guide

Recently, my college boyfriend Jacob traveled to Portland for work. He is a bit of a food snob, not bougie about it, but selective and deeply appreciative of good food. Before he arrived, he messaged me about a few places he wanted to try, and I felt so proud of myself for being able to suggest alternatives to some of the over-hyped places on his list and even surprise him with a few hidden gems.

I should clarify that my travel list is limited by location. I do not live in a hip part of Portland, and I am a nervous driver with a very accommodating husband, so many of these suggestions are places I’ve found on my walk to and from work. Continue reading “My Portland Food Guide”

dispatches from Dilley, Texas

Jonny and I had the good fortune of both having the week of March 27-31 off from school and work, respectively. Although we had originally talked about taking this week as a honeymoon of sorts, we ultimately decided to spend our week in Dilley, Texas, volunteering with the CARA Pro Bono Project. The CARA Pro Bono Project is a collaboration between Catholic Legal Immigration Network, American Immigration Council, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. The collective formed after President Obama authorized ICE to expand capacity for family detention centers across the United States. Continue reading “dispatches from Dilley, Texas”


Jonny and I went to dinner with one of my colleagues last weekend. I am really struggling with my job right now, and that dinner conversation did not help. Luckily we were able to talk about things other than work, but in the car ride home, we returned to the subject. After a few frustrating attempts to explain myself, I finally landed on why the past few months have been so hard for me: I am not sure if teaching is my dream anymore.

Continue reading “Dilemma”

Fresh Start

For the past few months I have made lists of hobbies I’d like to pick up. I even made a Twitter poll narrowing down my top three choices: quilting, joining a choir, and creating a new blog. Creating a new blog won by a landslide, though only 22 people voted, so it was maybe it was more like a landtumble? Either way, I decided to join a choir. Writing, even something as trivial as a blog, seemed like an overwhelming task. Continue reading “Fresh Start”